Canadian Content at IPMS Model Shows

Ron Britt receives the IPMS Canada Best Canadian Subject award from Kerry Traynor, National Executive representative, at the 2017 IPMS USA Nationals
The IPMS Canada Award

at the 2017

IPMS USA Nationals

Ron Britt's 1/12 Wolf WR1 F1 racer

the trophy, an engraved beverage stein

James Wechsler, 1/35 Cdn Army Coyote, Best Canadian Subject Award, IPMS/USA 2010 National Convention

National Executive member Mark Heyendal (L) presents Mark Ford of Port Angeles, WA, with the IPMS Canada Award for the Best Canadian Subject at the IPMS/USA 2016 National Convention in Columbia, SC.
Mark Ford of Port Angeles, WA, built this model of a Canadian Army Churchill as used in the ill-fated Dieppe operation, codenamed Operation JUBILLEE, which occurred on 19 August 1942.
The model is a combination of the AFV Club Dieppe Churchill kit and a conversion set from Inside the Armour. The full build can be found in the Blog section on the web site Track-Link at

What is Canadian content?

To qualify, your entry has to be identifiably and distinctly Canadian in its markings, or it can be clearly connected to being operated by Canadians. Canadian Forces, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Army subjects would obviously qualify.

Some other ‘
Yes’ examples are:

  • an RCMP police car
  • an Airbus A320 in Air Canada markings
  • a figure of Canadian fighter pilot Buzz Beurling
  • a Cessna 172 wearing C-/CF- civil registration
  • a Canadian Coast Guard ship
  • a model of the schooner Bluenose
  • Billy Bishop’s aircraft in the Royal Flying Corps
  • a Canadian Churchill tank at Dieppe

Some ‘No’ examples are:

  • a plain-painted vehicle sporting provincial plates
  • Space Shuttle with the ‘Canadarm’
  • a Luftwaffe Canadair Sabre 6
  • a Belgian CF-100
  • a CL-215 or a DHC-3 Otter in non-Cdn markings.
  • a Ram tank used by the Dutch Army
  • a Canadian-built Royal Navy Corvette

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